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September 2020

The September issue of World Fertilizer covers a number of different topics, including Ammonium Nitrate, Nitric Acid, Plant Safety, and Heat Exchangers. It also includes a keynote article on the Global Mist Eliminator Market.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Kreber.

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World News

Still Room For Growth
Mohit Loshali and Anuj Mudaliar, Fact.MR, India, consider the present state and future of the global mist eliminator market.

From Mist Eliminators To Face Masks
Eduardo Almeida, Vitor Sturm, Nelson Clark, Victor Machida, and Bruno Ferraro, Clark Solutions, Brazil, provide an insight into aerosol elimination.

A Sixth Sense
René Braun, Grandperspective GmbH, Germany, identifies a new way of helping manufacturers with gas leak detection in the fertilizer industry.

High Pressure, High Risk
Harald Jorritsma, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, illustrates the importance of mitigating explosion risks in high-pressure scrubber replacements.

Full-Hearted Effort
Dr. Jörg Weidenfeller, Arvos | Schmidtsche Schack, Germany, explains how increasing the super-heated steam temperature improves the overall process efficiency of an ammonia plant.

Another One Bites The Dust
Igor Makarenko, Solex Thermal Science, Canada, examines how an integrated de-dusting solution for cooling processes helps reduce risk and produce a better fertilizer.

A Belt-Tightening Bonus
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, USA, emphasises the importance of proper belt support being in place when operating conveyor belts in an efficient and economical manner.

Achieving Results With Radiometric Gauges
Dr. Madeleine Stoll, Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, provides an overview of radiometric gauges in the potash industry, from potassium detection to density and bulk flow measurement.

That Extra Spark
Richard Balt, MSA Safety, USA, considers how the reliability and lifespan of ammonia sensors can be expanded with new electrochemical technology.

No Magic Fix
Mike Schmidt, Bluefield Process Safety, USA, reminds the industry that the hunt for hazards is never done.

(S)table Salt?
Ron Peddie, Peddie Engineering, Australia, looks into the meaning of thermal stability with regards to ammonium nitrate.

Designing For Demand
Julie Ashcroft, Johnson Matthey, UK, investigates the various factors that influence ammonia oxidation catalyst design.

Calling Time On Tradition
Satish Baliga, KBR Inc., USA, explores the benefits the fertilizer industry can reap from combining the traditional rigorous approach for data analysis with the newer data-driven approach for plant performance improvement.

Re-Engineering System Reliability
Greg Bell and Peter Erickson, HydroTex, USA, explore a case in which the adverse effects of plant uprates were handled through pump performance optimisation.

Producing Profitable Product
Nikolay Shestakov, NIIK, Russia, reviews a variety of methods used for the production of UAN.

15 Facts
This month we bring you 15 facts from Asia.

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