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The latest fertilizer events from around the world including summits, conferences, exhibitions and training events.


Iranian Nitrogen + Syngas 2017

25 November 2017 - 26 November 2017

CRU in collaboration with the Iran Europe Business Centre (IEBC) and IICIC are pleased to announce the inaugural Iranian Nitrogen + Syngas Conference, to be held in Tehran, Iran on 25-26 November 2017.


Value Added Fertilizer Summit Asia 2018

06 February 2018 - 07 February 2018

Integer is delighted to invite you to the Value Added Fertilizer Summit Asia 2018 (VAFSA 2018), following on from the well received VAFSA 2017. VAFSA 2018 will cover Specialty and Water Soluble Fertilizers, EEF's, NPK compounds, Ca/Mg/S & Micronutrients and Biostimulants.


Nitrogen + Syngas 2018

26 February 2018 - 01 March 2018
402 26 Göteborg, Sweden

CRU’s Nitrogen + Syngas is firmly established as the premier industry event for the nitrogen market, having been an annual opportunity for the industry to meet, learn and network for over 30 years.


Phosphates 2018

12 March 2018 - 14 March 2018
40000 Marrakech, Morocco

CRU is delighted to return to Morocco for Phosphates 2018 and celebrate the 11th event in the series.


2nd Middle East Sulphur 2018

18 March 2018 - 21 March 2018
United Arab Emirates

CRU is delighted to announce the second annual Middle East Sulphur Conference. The event is devoted to exploring the entire sulphur value chain and the growing role of the Middle East as the world’s largest producer of sulphur.

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