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Fertilizer news updates


CIP announces plans to build Power-to-X facility

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) have announced plans to build a Power-to-X facility in Europe with the support of market leaders within the agriculture and shipping industries.

Casale wins award for new catalyst

The new catalyst, developed by the cooperation between Casale and Clariant, has received the Sandmeyer award from the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS).

More fertilizer news updates


Kropz provides Hinda phosphate project update

Kropz Plc, an emerging African phosphate explorer and developer, has announced an update for its Hinda phosphate project located in the Republic of the Congo (RoC).


Sowing the seeds of industrial farming in Mozambique

Grace Goodrich, African Oil & Power, explores how commercial farming is one of the highest-growth sectors in Mozambique, yet only 16% of land suitable for agriculture is being cultivated.


Kropz provides Elandsfontein update

African phosphate explorer and developer Kropz Plc has announced an update for its Elandsfontein phosphate project (Elandsfontein) located in South Africa.


Acron Group announces 2020 output increase

Acron Group has announced that its consolidated output, including operating results for Acron, Dorogobuzh and North-Western Phosphorus Co., was up 7% in 2020.