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Special reports


Rabobank expects fertilizer prices to remain low over next six months

The plummeting cost of raw materials, growing production capacity, and mediocre demand have pressured global price indicators of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash to fall either to or near ten-year lows, according to Rabobank’s Semi-Annual Global Fertilizer Outlook.

No Place Like Dome

Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, examines how storing fertilizer in domes can protect product in a number of ways.

A Pipe Dream

Gabriele Marcon, Casale, Switzerland, highlights how single and dual pipe reactor technologies provide a safe, flexible and efficient way of producing solid nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer.

Uncertain Times

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, reports that North America’s agriculture and fertilizer sectors are reeling from a host of challenges.


The Elephant In The Room

Brett Binnekade, Bagtech, South Africa, explains how the fertilizer production industry can take advantage of the latest developments in digital technology, and prevent the deluge of plant data becoming a white elephant.


Easy To Mist

In an exclusive article for the latest edition of World Fertilizer, Graeme Cousland, Begg Cousland Envirotec, UK, explores the main factors that can diminish the performance of mist eliminators if operators do not practice regular monitoring.

More Special reports news

Ready For Takeoff?

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, finds that Latin America’s agricultural sector has tremendous potential.

Progress On The Horizon

In an article for the March 2020 issue of World Fertilizer, Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, states that despite current regional challenges, Africa's fertilizer sector is moving steadily forward.

Standing Strong

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explores how fertilizer producers in Europe are reacting to a host of changes – both good and bad.

The Fertilizer Institute names new President

Corey Rosenbusch, who currently serves as President and CEO of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), will start work at The Fertilizer Institute on 6 February 2020.