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Special reports

Nel Hydrogen announces new CEO

Håkon Volldal has taken the position of the new CEO of Nel, while Jon André Løkke has entered the company’s Board of Directors.


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Yara reports first-quarter financial results

The company has delivered improved returns in a tight market situation, where higher prices more than offset higher feedstock costs and lower deliveries.

GlobalData: India to lead global urea capacity additions by 2030

According to Vinuthna Bidar, Oil and Gas Analyst at GlobalData, "India will dominate the global urea market, with both the biggest number of new projects and the largest absolute capacity addition driven by its economic growth.”

The importance of high antioxidant levels in farm soil

C.S.K. Mishra, Suryasikha Samal, Pratik Acharya, Stuti Pragyan Pradhan and Tanushree Moharana, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, explain why high antioxidant levels in farm soil could minimise the effects of chemical contamination on the biota.

Communication is key to fertilizer logistics success

Kevin Glover, President, SeaGate Terminals, shares some essential principles that everyone in the fertilizer industry, from new hires to experienced veterans, can use to communicate clearly and effectively.