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BioConsortia further expands nitrogen-fixing microbial products for row crops

BioConsortia has announced that the company has further developed its nitrogen-fixing products in row crops, demonstrating through hundreds of field trials conducted in 2023 that the products effectively displace meaningful levels of nitrogen fertilizer and deliver yield gains.


Tecnimont awarded FEED contract for green ammonia plant in Norway

MAIRE has announced that Tecnimont (the integrated E&C solutions business unit) has been awarded a FEED contract by Fortescue, a global green technology, energy and metals company, for a green ammonia plant to be located in the Nordgulen fjord in Norway.

AIC reminds farmers to use inhibitor when applying urea fertilizers

An industry voluntary approach agreed last year means farmers and growers must use ammonia abatement treatments and inhibitors to counter the risk of the government seeking to further restrict the use of urea fertilizer with tough regulation.

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