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Petrobras idles fertilizer plant

The nitrogen fertilizer unit has been consistently losing Petrobras money since its acquisition in 2013.


Nutrien announces 3Q19 results

The company said that its results had been affected by a short-term market slowdown, but that it maintained a positive outlook for 2020.

More Nitrogen news

CVR Partners reports 3Q19 results

The company recorded a net loss of US$23 million, or US$0.20 per common unit, on net sales of US$89 million for 3Q19, compared to a net loss of US$13 million, or US$0.12 per common unit, on net sales of US$80 million for 3Q18.

PhosAgro releases 3Q19 and 9M19 results

The company's total fertilizer production in 3Q19 increased by 15.2% y/y to 2460.4 kt. Fertilizer output for 9M19 grew by 7.2% y/y to 7162.0 kt.

ADNOC and OCI joint venture begins trading

ADNOC and OCI are seeking to make Fertiglobe the largest export-focused nitrogen fertilizer platform globally, and the largest producer in the MENA region.

Incitec Pivot announces review of fertilizer business segment

The strategic review of the company's Fertilisers Asia Pacific business segment will assess various options including a potential sale of the business, a demerger or retaining the business and continuing to invest for growth.