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Azomures moves to suspend production

Azomures is one of the largest consumers of natural gas in Romania, with approximately 10% of national consumption, and provides 50% of fertilizers used on Romanian farms.


Gibson Island plant to close in 2022

Incitec Pivot Ltd. will cease manufacturing operations at the site at the end of the current natural gas feedstock supply arrangements which expire at the end of December 2022.

More Nitrogen news

Angola to support Minbos green ammonia production

Angola's Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has confirmed to Minbos its intention to grant the company the land necessary for establishing a green ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer facility, with the Ministry agreeing to provide the necessary support for implementation of the project.

Fertiglobe completes IPO on ADX

Fertiglobe expects to distribute a dividend of at least US$200 million for 2H21 and at least US$400 million for FY22.

BASF curtails ammonia production

BASF has curtailed ammonia production at its production sites in Antwerp, Belgium, and Ludwigshafen, Germany.