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Product news

Conval offers urea service valves

Conval offers urea service valves for high pressure piping of urea reactors, strippers and condensers.

Vertiflo Pump Company welcomes sump pump

Vertiflo Pump Company now offers a rugged Series 1600 Industrial Horizontal Vortex sump pump for industrial and municipal applications.


Reducing clogging with multi-row cage mills

Stedman Machine Co.’s F-Series™, or Flared Series, Cage Mill features a unique flared discharge opening, which efficiently reduces the wettest and stickiest of materials without clogging.

More Product news news

Franklin Miller introduces Vulcanator

The new Vulcanator® KM10 is a heavy-duty granulator with the ability to reduce synthetic or natural rubber components, parts belts, parts of raw bales and more into small bits without significant heat rise.

ArrMaz celebrates 50 years

ArrMaz has celebrated its golden anniversary as a global leader in the production of specialty chemicals for the mining, fertilizer, industrial ammonium nitrate, asphalt, and oil and gas industries.