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September 2018

The September issue of World Fertilizer covers a number of different topics, including Ammonia Plant Upgrading, Heat Exchanger Technology, Plant Simulation, and Granulation. It also features an in depth keynote article on Ammonia Outlook, as well as a regional report on the Middle East.

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World News

The Middle East in Focus
Priyanka Khemka, Nexant, USA, looks at the key trends and challenges in the Middle East fertilizer market.

What’s on the Horizon?
Ruth Sharpe, Argus Media, UK, takes a detailed look at the ammonia market, and discusses the impact that new capacity will have.

A Modular Method
Carrie Lalou, Linde Engineering, USA, explains how a modular approach to construction can be used to increase ammonia production with minimal capital.

Small Changes, Big Impact
VK Arora, KPI, USA, looks at how to upgrade reforming capacity with minimum modifications.

Food for Thought
Dr. Jörg Weidenfeller, ARVOS | SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK, Germany, discusses important things to consider when revamping a process gas cooler system in an ammonia plant.

Key to the Future
Wally Schaefer, Jorvic Vital and Melissa Callejo, Nalco Water, USA, explain the importance of heat exchanger monitoring data in enabling the ammonia plants of the future.

A Digital Twin
Stefano Signor and Miquel Àngel Alós, Inprocess, Spain, and José Ramón Ferrer, Espindesa, Spain, present a software tool that acts as a digital twin of a real nitric acid plant.

A Big Impact
Ralph Weiland, Simon Weiland, and Mathew Bailey, Optimized Gas Treating, USA, explain how diethanolamine affects CO2 removal by hot pot.

In the Picture
Paul Cannon, Microtrac, USA, explains how online dynamic image analysis can help optimise NPK production.

Ticking the Boxes
Juan Hailer, INGETECSA, Spain, and Vasil Statev, BC Consult, Bulgaria, provide an overview of the design criteria for reactors and mixers for calcium feed phosphates.

A Change of Screen
Tountzer Ramadan, RHEWUM, Germany, presents a case study on the installation of direct excited polishing screens at a fertilizer plant in Bulgaria.

The Future of Fertilizers
Thomas Lansdorf, EIRICH, Germany, explains the challenges for agriculture and offers solutions for individually designed fertilizers.

Heavy Metal Removal
John Lampariello, Solvay Technology Solutions, USA, explains the importance of heavy metals removal from the phosphate value chain.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on the Middle East.

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