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October 2019

The October issue of World Fertilizer covers a number of different topics, including Sulfur, Process Water Treatment, and Fertilizer Additives.

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World News

2019: Sulfur, Not So Good
Meena Chauhan, Argus Media, UK, considers the medium- and long-term prospects of the global sulfur and sulfuric acid markets amid recent price erosion.

Thomas Mannheim and Leah Kuppinger, EuroChem Group, highlight the importance of sulfur as a nutrient and why its value should not be overlooked in fertilizer production.

Delivering a Diagnosis
Jurgens Hanekom and John Burk, DuPont Clean Technologies, advise on what should be at the forefront of sulfuric acid plant managers’ thoughts when conducting performance checks.

Modular Acid Plants
Victor Avila Garcia, Victor H. Machida, Vitor A. Sturm, Eduardo H. R. A. de Almeida, Bruno B. Ferraro and Nelson P. Clark, Clark Solutions, Brazil, consider a new heat recovery system for modular acid plants.

Don’t Stick to the Status Quo
Joey Dobrée, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, explores how small-scale fertilizer production can be realised through the analysis of a business case.

Reducing the Risk of HTHA Failures
Michael W. Hester, Cherokee Nitrogen, a subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc., USA, and Daniel J. Benac, Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc., USA, present an example of HTHA, including an HTHA failure in an ammonia plant, and provide mitigation actions to be taken to reduce the risk of future HTHA failures in other equipment and piping.

Too Cool for Corrosion
Alex Mantis and Melissa Callejo, Nalco Water, USA, examine efforts to rethink cooling water management best practices in ammonia plants.

Crystal Clear
Sana Boulabiar and Matias Navarro, Veolia Water Technologies, USA, discuss how crystalline water-soluble fertilizers are the most efficient way for delivering the nutrients that boost the quantity and quality of crops the world desperately needs while protecting its soil and water resources.

Boosting Nitric Acid Production
Dr. Nina van Gellecom, Messer Group, Germany, explains how oxygen application can increase nitric acid plant efficiency and capacity.

For Maximum Measurement
Tobias Knape and Alexandra Graf, SensoTech GmbH, Germany, discuss sonic velocity as an alternative to conventional measuring methods during fertilizer production.

More Than a Splash of Colour
Marta Galí, Proquimac PFC S.A., Spain, delves into the emerging trend of colouring fertilizers for a variety of purposes.

This month we bring you 15 facts from China.

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