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October 2017

The September/October issue of World Fertilizer includes an insightful regional report on North America, as well as a number of other features, including Heat Exchanger Technology, Granulation and Sulfuric Acid Processing.

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World News

Paying the Price
Neil Fleishman, Green Markets, USA, overviews the challenging global outlook for NPK prices.

Keeping Pace
Meena Chauhan, Integer Research, UK, provides an outlook on the global sulfur and sulfuric acid market.

A Focus on Efficiency
Catalyst gauze systems for ammonia oxidation and N2O reduction are a key component in nitric acid plants. Oliver Henkes, Heraeus Precious Metals, Germany, illustrates this via a series of technical case studies.

Making a Difference
Mårten Granroth, Haldor Topsoe, Denmark, explains how using the right catalyst can affect sulfuric acid production.

Acid Plants of the Future
Urmish Shah and Michael Fenton, Chemetics Inc., Canada, consider both the benefits of high performance sulfuric acid equipment and options for increasing energy recovery.

Sulfuric Acid Gas Cleaning
Gary Siegel, Beltran Technologies, Inc., USA, explains the effectiveness of simple modern electrostatic precipitator designs.

The Pursuit of Performance
Douglas Azwell, MECS, USA, explores the impact of mist eliminators on sulfuric acid tower performance.

A Story of Progress
Filippo Colucci, Solex Thermal Science Inc., the Netherlands, compares conventional fluid bed coolers and indirect plate coolers, with a focus on energy consumption.

Feeling the Heat
Alex Lattimer, Flexitallic Ltd, UK, explains how to overcome bolted joint integrity issues during high temperature fertilizer production.

The Red Carpet Treatment
Dr Gene Shelp and Dr John Motto, ENPAR Technologies Inc., Canada, look at effective ammonia treatment for commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

From Recovery to Remelting
Mark Gilbreath, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, outlines infrastructure considerations for global dry sulfur logistics.

Finishing Touches
Wilfried Dirkx and Barbara Cucchiella, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, explore some of the latest developments in fertilizer granulation technologies.

The Bigger Picture
Gelmer Bouwman, Kreber, the Netherlands, considers how efficient prilling towers can help to cope with the growing global demand for fertilizers.

Granulation: An Evolving Industry
Nick Reckinger, FEECO International, Inc., USA, compares traditional and novel approaches to granular fertilizer production.

Risky Business
Chris Jones, Australia, and Charles Thomas, New Zealand, Quest Integrity, and David Keen, Incitec Pivot Ltd, Australia, look at inspection options for mitigating high temperature hydrogen attack.

Tackling Tough Environments
Raquel Rodríguez, Tubacex Innovation, Spain, outlines a study of steel grades in harsh high temperature and high pressure urea environments.

Practice Makes Perfect
Dieter Krenz, Linde, Germany, Manel Serra, Inprocess, Spain, and Theron Strange, Simplot Phosphates, USA, discuss dynamic process simulation in an ammonia plant startup.

Simulation For Safety
Todd Jaco, Emerson, USA, explains how using an effective ammonia plant operator training system can greatly reduce startup time.

Increased P2O5
Curtis Griffin, PegasusTSI, USA, and Shannon Griffin, University of South Florida, Chemical Engineering, USA, detail process technology and pilot plant results for the recovery of P2O5 from phosphate mine tailings and clays.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on North America.

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