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November 2021

World Fertilizer’s final issue of 2021 starts with a review of the fertilizer sector’s fortunes in 2021 and what lies in store in 2022. Technical articles in the issue cover cooling technology, blending, damage mechanism reviews and phosphate handling, as well as case studies from Germany and Singapore.

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World News

On The Rebound
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, says the fertilizer sector has had a strong year in 2021, but can expect a wild ride ahead.

Low-Carbon Fertilizer Cooling
Igor Makarenko, Solex Thermal Science, Canada, explores how vertical plate technology at the cooling stage is helping fertilizer producers to reduce operational footprints.

Producing Complex Blends With The Right Coating
Lucas R. Moore, Arkema-ArrMaz, USA, explains how the growing demand for more sophisticated fertilizer blends can be met with tailor-made coatings.

A New Age Of Blending
Larry Taylor, Sackett-Waconia, USA, explores the advances in crop inputs driving fertilizer blending technology into the future.

Manage The Damage
Paul J. Kowalski, E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., USA, provides insight into the importance of damage mechanism reviews in the fertilizer industry.

Equipped For The Challenge
Shane Le Capitaine, FEECO International, USA, explains how to address challenging phosphate characteristics through equipment design.

Growing The German Phosphate Industry
Jan Kirchhof, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Germany, reports on a laboratory experiment with phosphorus fertilizers and two current projects.

A Revitalisation Journey
Alan Wong, Compressor Controls Corp. (CCC), Singapore, shares the revitalisation experience of a process air compressor in a fertilizer plant in Asia.

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