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May 2019

The May/June issue of World Fertilizer covers a variety of different topics, including material handling, urea technology, and corrosion. It also features a regional report on the African fertilizer industry and an overview of the future of the fertilizer industry.

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World News

Africa’s Green Revolution
Gord Cope details how fertilizer companies and governments are working to overcome the problems that hinder fertilizer consumption in Africa.

Ambitious with Ammonia
Henrik Rasmussen, Haldor Topsoe Inc., USA, discusses improvements in ammonia production.

Critical Urea Moves
Rinat Anderzhanov, NIIK, Russia, discusses a new urea solution plant for UAN production based on existing standby facilities.

Future Potential
Andrew Parker, CDM Systems, Inc., USA, discusses how escalating profit potential in the fertilizer industry is creating demand for efficient, reliable conveyors.

A Global Requirement
Alessandro Brun, BHDT, Austria, discusses the merits of different fugitive emission testing methods and standards in a time of ever-growing environmental awareness.

The Foundation of Vibration
O Salem Ali, Jonathan Sommer, and Michael Golla, Structural Technologies, USA, explain the potential of foundation repair to reduce machine vibration.

The Future is Now
Robyn Wainwright, Assistant Editor of World Fertilizer, discusses the future of fertilizer production.

Part of the Daily Routine
Julie Holmquist, Cortec® Corp, USA, offers ideas on incorporating corrosion protection into structural planning and daily maintenance tasks.

Reliable Resource Recovery
Dr. Robert Eden, Organics, UK, discusses the use of resource recovery to minimise waste generation and preserve natural resources.

Australia’s First
Gareth Widger, Kalium Lakes, Australia, discusses the project surrounding Australia’s first SOP producer.

Patience Pays Off
Mike Crummy, USA, discusses a new fabric building for Atkinson Fertilizer that features optimised design for flexible use.

This month we bring you 15 facts from Latin America.

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