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May 2017

The May/June issue of World Fertilizer includes a Special Report on Potash as well as technical features on Mist Elimination, Cooling Technology, Urea Technology & Developments, Corrosion Protection, Blending & Bagging, and Potash Mining & Production.

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World News

Potash: Hi-tech Options
Gordon Cope, World Fertilizer Contributing Editor, outlines the wide selection of innovative technologies available to potash companies in order to gain a competitive edge.

Taking The Lead
Gareth Widger, Kalium Lakes, Australia, details the company’s Beyondie sulfate of potash (SOP) project and the steps it is taking to become Australia’s first SOP producer.

Planting Seeds Of Potential For Potash
World Fertilizer’s Assistant Editor Harleigh Hobbs speaks to Punkaj Gupta, Joint Managing Director & Group Chief Executive of Essel Group ME, about the company, its flagship potash project and the future of the industry.

A Recipe For Success
Igor Makarenko, Solex Thermal Science Inc., Canada, illustrates how indirect cooling is helping tackle potash caking and improving product quality.

A Modern Intervention
Harshad P Pandya, Independent Consultant, India, discusses revamping ammonia plants in order to increase energy efficiency as well as capacity.

Coping With Vacuum
Jim Lines, Graham Corp., USA, highlights the importance of ejector systems in urea plants.

Solid Measurement Procedures
Asael Sharabi, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA, explains how the latest 3D level scanner technology enables accurate volume measurement of urea to improve inventory management.

Urea Plants Of The Future
Mieke Beaujean, Stamicarbon, The Netherlands, describes a history of 70 years of knowledge and innovation in urea process technology.

Mist Elimination Demystified
Graeme Cousland, Begg Cousland Envirotec, UK, evaluates the advantages of different methods of mist elimination used in fertilizer plants.

A Study Of Separation
Doug Little, Koch Ag & Energy Solutions LLC, and Hubert Zey, Koch Glitsch, LP, USA, describe the use of high-capacity mist eliminators to debottleneck separators in fertilizer production.

Appreciating Acids
K. Duam and R. Haugman, Outotec, Sweden, explain how a new coatings technology is prolonging equipment life in sulfuric acid plants.

Strengthening Stainless Steel
Daniel Gullberg, Sandvik Material Technology, Sweden, underlines the importance of reinforcing steels used in the demanding urea production process.

Spinning Around
Shizheng Gu, Whirlston Fertilizer Machinery, China, details the benefits of rotary cooling technologies.

A Cool Solution
Shane Le Capitaine, FEECO International, USA, offers guidance on selecting the right cooler for fertilizer processing operations.

Corrosion Repair
David Gribble, Citadel Technologies, USA, explains how engineered carbon fibre composite repairs can safely and economically extend the life of piping, pressure vessels and tanks in the fertilizer industry.

Bulk Blending Benefits
Jeff Ivan, Yargus Manufacturing, Canada, evaluates the history of bulk blending fertilizers and looks at the latest technology advances in this sector.

Finely Tuned
Nick Gauwitz, Sackett-Waconia, USA, explains the art of meeting fertilizer needs without the use of a tower.

Serious About Storage
Gustaaf Zeeman, EMT, The Netherlands, explains why careful bag selection is crucial to achieving efficient fertilizer handling operations.

15 Facts ...
This month we give you 15 facts on Asia!

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