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March 2020

The March issue of World Fertilizer includes a regional report on Africa, as well as a keynote article on global phosphate supply and demand, and numerous other technical features, including, Phosphate Processing, Water Treatment Compressors, Granulation, Prilling and Compaction, and High Temperature Hydrogen Attack.

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World News

Progress On The Horizon
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, states that despite current regional challenges, Africa’s fertilizer sector is moving steadily forward.

Phosphate Prices Feel The Pinch
Jay Morrod, CRU, UK, finds that capacity expansions are set to limit the recovery of phosphate prices over the next five years.

Keeping Phosphate Production On Track
Marc Sonveaux, EcoPhos, Belgium, examines the need for more sustainable methods of phosphate production during a period of low market prices.

The Process Highway
Harvinder S. Bhabra and David C. Krebs, Sulzer, examine the range of pump designs used in phosphate fertilizer production.

Cutting Down To Size
Christophe Chiron, Comessa, France, provides an overview of the equipment and processes required for fertilizer granulation.

Breaking The Caking Habit
Ivan Gilgado, KAO Corp., Spain, examines an attempt to design more environmentally-friendly anti-caking agents.

Cool Coatings
John Bacon, Cetek, USA, and Venkat Pattabathula, Incitec Pivot, Australia, explore how high emissivity refractory coatings can improve steam methane reformers’ radiant heat transfer efficiency.

The Power Of Pyrometers
James Cross, AMETEK Land, UAE, looks at the benefits, challenges and technologies for tube wall temperature measurements in the ammonia production process.

Detect And Protect
Patrice Houlle, Material Technology Institute, USA, Sophie Wastiaux, Air Liquide, France, Serge Demonte, Anthony Le Guellaut and Nicolas Nourrit, French Welding Institute, France, and Bastien Clausse, EXTENDE, France, explain a new non-destructive testing approach for optimising the detection and characterisation of HTHA damage.

Fine Tuning Asset Performance
Gregoire Poirier-Richer, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Canada, outlines the key benefits achieved from the digitalisation of water management.

Peace Of Mind
Richard Pearson, Athlon, a Halliburton Service, USA, discusses how an ammonia plant can increase reliability and improve predictive maintenance through an enhanced cooling water monitoring programme.

The Devil Is In The Details
Alan Wong, Compressor Controls Corp., Singapore, discusses the results of an investigation into an improperly designed, engineered and commissioned carbon dioxide compressor’s piping, instrument and control system in a fertilizer plant.

The Heart Of The Operation
Dr. Stefan Ubben, MAN Energy Solutions, Germany, reflects back on the most important developments of axial compressors and outlines why the focus is now on CO2 compressor technology.

This month we bring you 15 facts from Africa.

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