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March 2018

The March issue of World Fertilizer includes a keynote article on global phosphate supply and demand, as well as a regional report on Africa, and numerous other technical features, including Dust Control/Emissions Reduction, Phosphate Processing, Pumps & Valves and High Temperature Hydrogen Attack.

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World News

African Outlook
Priyanka Khemka, Nexant, USA, looks at the key trends and challenges in the African natural gas and ammonia/urea markets.

In The Balance
Ibi Idoniboye, Integer, UK, discusses North American and Chinese phosphate market dynamics in a climate of supply outweighing demand.

Don’t Let It Go To Waste
Anshuman Pandey, OPRA Turbines B.V., the Netherlands, explains how byproduct gases can be used to improve energy efficiency in ammonia plants.

Solving Global Phosphate Challenges
Todd Parker and Guoxin Wang, ArrMaz, USA, present case studies on how global phosphate processing challenges are being solved today.

The Importance Of Paste Thickener
Jerold Johnson, WesTech Engineering, Inc., USA, discusses the use of paste thickener technology for phosphate tails and product.

Keep It Moving
Alfredo Carrasco, Deborah Stetka, Andy Nuyianes and Robert Tinsley, Hatch, USA, look at the benefits of hydraulic conveyance of solids in the phosphate industry.

Intelligent Measurement
Luke Balzan and Henry Kurth, Scantech, Australia, present a solution that can help provide accurate, real time flow quality measurement in the phosphate industry.

Reasons For Failure
Ralph H. Weiland and Matthew D. Bailey, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., USA, explain why CO2 absorbers can suddenly go off spec and fail to adequately remove CO2 from syngas.

Under Attack
Michael Nugent and Trace Silfies, E2G, USA, and Timothy Armitt, Lavender International NDT, UK, discuss advances in high temperature hydrogen attack inspection and prediction for ammonia plants.

Under Inspection
John R. Lilley, Sonomatic Ltd, UK, discusses some of the company’s experiences with high temperature hydrogen attack inspection.

Getting The Best Out Of Phosphate
Mohamed Takhim, Marc Sonveaux and Laurent Palierne, Ecophos, Belgium, and Rob de Ruiter, RBC, the Netherlands, explain how to generate high quality phosphate products from low grade phosphate rock or sewage sludge ashes.

Dealing With Dust
Edina Avdic, Enersul, Canada, looks at the importance of using a dust suppression system to control fugitive sulfur dust and reduce risks to plant operators.

A Dusty Dilemma
Graeme Cousland, Begg Cousland Envirotec, UK, explains the benefits of using a dust control or emission abatement system in a fertilizer plant.

Innovation Is Key
Frank van Os, Red Point Alloys BV, the Netherlands, explains the importance of valve innovation in the fertilizer industry.

Something In The Water
Darrell Hartwick, Mazhar S. Warsi, Khurram Shahzad, and Jahangir Kalroo, Buckman Asia Pacific, discuss different options for microbial control in high ammonia environments.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on Africa.

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