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March 2017

The March/April issue of World Fertilizer includes a Regional Report looking at how the MENA Region’s position as a competitive nitrogen producer is changing, as well as technical features on Phosphate Processing, CO2 Removal & Management, Ammonia Technology, Nitric Acid Catalysts, Water Treatment & Management, Fertilizer Additives, and Dust Control.

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Guest Comment

World News

A Tale Of Two Fortunes: The MENA Nitrogen Market
Laura Cross and Benjamin Treadwell, Integer Research, UK, report on how the Middle East and North Africa region’s position as one of the most competitive nitrogen producers is changing.

Ammonium Nitrates: Hidden Opportunities
Thomas Heinrich, Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory, Bahrain, highlights the importance of ammonium nitrates and where global consumption is likely to develop.

The Road Back To Carbon Lean
Eystein Leren, Yara, Norway, illustrates the company’s journey towards a low carbon solution.

A Closer Inspection
Charles Thomas and Daniel Drabble, Quest Integrity, New Zealand, describe how highly developed inspection tools are being used to identify tubular damage.

Choosing The Right Path
Hadrien Leruth, Prayon Technologies, Belgium, outlines different phosphoric acid production routes.

Evaporation And Crystallisation Challenges
K. Schooley, V. Bourgier and R. Lawson, Veolia Water Technologies, HPD Evaporation and Crystallization, overview the importance of evaporation and crystallisation in the fertilizer industry.

Predicting Pond Performance
Deborah Stetka and Andrew Nuyianes, Hatch, USA, present a sectional approach to cooling-pond heat loss modelling.

Controlling Water Consumption
Darrell Hartwick, Buckman, Canada, and Mazhar S. Warsi, Khurram Shahzad and Muhammad Akhtar Gurmani, Buckman, Singapore, examine monochloramine as a tool for water conservation.

Getting A Handle On Dust Emissions
Ian Barnard, Cleveland Cascades Ltd, UK, shows how fertilizer products are being used to solve material handling issues.

Delivering Results
Cory Goldbeck, Martin Engineering, USA, details key upgrades made to conveyors at a fertilizer plant, which improved efficiency, containment and safety.

Improving Fertilizer Quality With Functional Additives
Bryan Baylor, ArrMaz, USA, explains how the physical properties of granular fertilizers can be improved with functional additives.

Let Them Eat Cake
Joan Miquel Sanchez, Kao Corp., Spain, details anti-caking considerations necessary when producing tailor-made fertilizers.

Optimising Plant Performance
Chris Brown, Johnson Matthey, explains how coatings solutions and gauze technology improve the performance of gauze packs, and describes the benefits of abatement basket engineering and process modelling to the whole nitric acid plant.

Preventing The 2°C
Oliver Henkes and Jörg Eckert, Heraeus Chemicals, Germany, detail highly efficient catalysts that reduce nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production by 95%.

Prioritising Personnel Safety
Scott W. Sexton, Haldor Topsoe Inc., USA, reveals how a new system is enabling ammonia producers to acquire accurate firebox data without compromising personnel safety.

In The Media
Katie Beane, Christy Catalytics, USA, reviews catalyst support media options for fertilizer plant applications.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on the MENA region.

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