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June 2018

The May/June issue of World Fertilizer covers a number of different topics, including Urea Technology, Blending & Bagging and Potash Mining & Production. It also features an in depth keynote article on Global Nitrogen Supply & Demand, as well as a regional report on India.

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World News

Global Nitrogen Supply and Demand: Playing The Wild Card
Gordon Cope, World Fertilizer contributing editor, takes a detailed look at global nitrogen supply and demand.

Looking East
Priyanka Khemka, USA, and Thomas Heinrich, Bahrain, Nexant, provide a detailed look at changes in India’s natural gas market and implications for the fertilizer industry.

Mitigating Mist
Vikram Shah, Haver Standard India, India, explains how demister pads are used to improve efficiency in the fertilizer industry.

Return On Retrofit
Wayne Jacobson and David Nelsen, Compressor Controls Corp., USA, look at the benefits of retrofitting an ammonia refrigeration compressor.

Around The World
Gustaaf Zeeman, EMT, the Netherlands, provides an overview of the company’s blending, bagging and transport projects in Thailand, Ethiopia and South Africa.

DNA Tagging: Securing The Supply Chain
Ulrike Hodges, Laurie Clotilde and Anthony Zografos, SafeTraces, USA, explain how DNA tagging can secure the global fertilizer supply chain and help users trace bulk products to their source.

A New Player Has Entered The Game
David Nowak, EuroChem Group, Switzerland, discusses the impact that the company’s two new potash mines will have on the market as they come online this year.

Leading The Charge
Gareth Widger, Kalium Lakes Ltd, Australia, discusses the company’s efforts towards becoming Australia’s first SOP producer.

Online Optimisation
Robert Waggeling, Microtrac GmbH, Germany, looks at the benefits of optical sieve analysis for online monitoring of urea granulation.

Blow Off Some Steam
Nitin Joshi, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, presents a new energy efficient design for urea plants.

What’s The Risk?
Dan Cojocaru, Tech Safety Group, UK, explains how involving independent experts and using technology risk registers can improve risk identification in fertilizer plants.

Caring For Concrete
Thomas Kline, Structural Group Inc., USA, explains the importance of repair and protection of concrete infrastructure in fertilizer plants.

Clever Coatings
Miles Buckhurst, Jotun AS, Norway, explains the benefits that abrasion and chemical resistant coatings can provide in the prilling process.

Don’t Paper Over The Cracks
Ronald Knight, Corrosion Protection & Solutions, USA, looks at the issue of corrosion in fertilizer plants, and explains why it is important to select an appropriate preventative solution.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on India.

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