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July 2019

The July/August issue of World Fertilizer features a number of topics, such as Phosphate Technology, Metal Recovery, Dust and Compressors. It also features a regional report on the Middle East.

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World News

The Arid Landscape
Priyanka Khemka, Nexant, USA, discusses the urea supply and demand relationship in the Middle East.

UAN Trade Shake Up
Jack Elliott, CRU Fertilizer Week, looks at the EU-imposed UAN anti-dumping duties and how they could impact trade.

Forging a New Path
Thomas Dahlke, Buss ChemTech AG, Switzerland, explains a more sustainable process for producing hydrofluoric acid.

A Rock and a Hard Place
Marten Walters and Chuck Snyder, KEMWorks, USA, discuss the production of high-analysis phosphate fertilizer from low-grade phosphate rock.

The Route To Purer Gypsum
Philippe Malsan and Marieke Maenhaut, TechnipFMC, France, revisit the merits of a high recovery dihydrate process targeting greater yields of P2O5, in the perspective of phosphogypsum valorisation.

Pt Phone Home
Peter Ford and Jürgen Neumann, Sabin Metal Corp., discuss the various means of recovering platinum from gauze catalysts in nitric acid plants.

Road to Recovery
Mike Crarer, R S Bruce Metals & Machinery Ltd, UK, discusses the various methods employed for recovery of the migrated platinum group metals originating from the gauze pack.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Andrey Semakov, Aleksandr Liubimov and Mikhail Molodov, ENTECHMACH RPC LLC, Russia, recount a compressor modernisation project.

Maximising Steam Turbine Rotor Life
Jason DuBose, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, USA, explores how to detect, track and repair stress corrosion cracking in steam turbine rotors.

The Art of Design
Andrés D. Orlando and David A. Craig, Jenike & Johanson Inc., USA, explain how efficient transfer chute designs help improve plant performance.

Malaysian Makeover
Heinrich Beintmann, BEUMER Group, Germany, discusses how increasing demand necessitated the upgrading of a Malaysian urea plant’s export facilities.

Dust It Off
Andrea Barbato, Bedeschi, Italy, sheds light on a number of material handling options that aim to reduce dust emissions.

On a Mission
Svet Valkov, SNC-Lavalin, Belgium, Ovidiu Craciun, Azomures, Romania, and Graeme Cousland, Begg Cousland Envirotec, UK, review the measures taken by a fertilizer plant in Romania to comply with EU regulations on emission standards.

Clean as a Whistle
Romain Legat, Standard Industrie International, France, outlines how fertilizer plants can handle bulk products in a safe, clean, and more efficient manner.

A Finger in Many Pies
Lionel Landreau, Guillaume Prode, Sébastien Bironneau and Caroline Gautier, IWF Group, France, give an overview of technologies designed for handling and treating fertilizer products.

This month we bring you 15 facts from the Middle East.

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