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July 2018

The July/August issue of World Fertilizer features a number of topics, such as Materials Handling, Nitric Acid Technology, Process Analysers and Turbomachinery. It also features a regional report on Russia, as well as a global potash market analysis article.

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World News

The Rise Of Russia
Liana Davletshina, Argus, Russia, takes a detailed look at the Russian fertilizer market, and explains why production growth signals increased exports.

Potash: A Buyer’s Market?
Rebecca Hayward, Integer, UK, discusses whether new market participants will lead to lower potash prices, or if the status-quo will continue to the benefit of the industry’s shareholders.

Turn Up The Heat
Townsend Hilliard, PURGIT Vapor Control Systems, USA, discusses the different methods available for decommissioning anhydrous ammonia storage tanks.

Digging For The Future
J. T. Starzecki, Sirius Minerals, UK, provides a detailed overview of the company’s groundbreaking new polyhalite mine in North Yorkshire, UK.

If It Ain’t Broke, Revamp It
Marco Lonetti, Casale SA, Switzerland, presents a case study on the revamping of two ammonia plants in Romania.

Enhancing Efficiency
Dan Kuttenkuler and Chris Muehling, Koch Agronomic Services, USA, discuss the successful installation of an enhanced efficiency fertilizer production process at a world scale urea production facility.

Optimising Nitric Acid Technology
Paz Munoz and Leon Postma, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, present a nitric acid production technology that can maximise energy recovery and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Making Smart Decisions In The Volatile Precious Metals Market
Youn-Chong Choi and Elena Weiland, Heraeus Precious Metals, Germany, discuss the precious metals market and its significant role in the fertilizer industry.

Tendencies In Nitric Acid Projects
Jose R. Ferrer, ESPINDESA (Tecnicas Reunidas Group), Spain, provides a detailed look at the tendencies in the development of nitric acid projects.

Gas Monitoring: Made To Measure
Bengt Löfstedt, OPSIS, Sweden, discusses the principles, application areas and practical aspects of gas concentration measurements in and around fertilizer production processes.

The Big Five
Michael Hastings, Denmark, and Steve Sabin, USA, Brüel & Kjær Vibro, describe five technology trends in the machine condition monitoring system development arena that together provide an optimal fertilizer plant condition monitoring solution.

Turbocharging Fertilizer Production
Allen Thornton, Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc., USA, outlines ways to improve cost, service life and reliability in turbomachinery at chemical plants.

Maritime Modifications
Jeff Coon and Charles Formisani, Sackett-Waconia, USA, provide a case study on the various enhancements made at the maritime terminal in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Getting Some Fresh Air
Rajiv Vaid, AAF International, UK, outlines clean air solutions for the fertilizer industry.

Shaping Up Nicely
Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, outlines the benefits that dome-shaped storage facilities can provide in the fertilizer industry.

15 Facts
This month we give you 15 facts on Russia.

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