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February 2020

The January/February issue of World Fertilizer covers a number of different topics, including reformer technology, heat exchangers, catalysts, asset integrity, melamine technology and materials handling and loading systems. It also features an in-depth keynote article on Clean Air, as well as a regional report on the European fertilizer industry.

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World News

Standing Strong
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explores how fertilizer producers in Europe are reacting to a host of changes – both good and bad.

Solving The Air Quality Challenge
Damion Adams, Kevin Bley and Jeremias Shreyer, CECO Environmental, USA, review the technologies available to the industry to ensure compliance with air quality standards during fertilizer production.

A Strategic Partnership: Part Two
Heinz Tischmacher, Tischmacher & Partner, Germany, continues his review of a project that aims to bring the fertilizer and cement industries together to tackle the issue of CO2 emissions.

Melding Melamine And Urea
G. Di Carlo, Casale, Switzerland, reviews the design of an integrated melamine and urea unit in the Indian state of Gujarat.

The Making Of Melamine
Stefano Sassi, Eurotecnica, Italy, explores the development of high pressure melamine technology.

When Less Is More
Juergen Neumann and Brad Cook, Sabin Metal Corp., USA, present the case for reducing the number of gauze layers in a catalyst system for ammonia oxidation.

A New Kind Of Tunnel Vision
Daniel Znidersic, BD Energy Systems, USA, reviews a new tunnel design for steam methane reformers.

Covering All Bases
Thomas Fortinberry, Reformer Services, USA, stresses the importance of integrity technology that can affect the entire circumference of a reformer tube, rather than just the fired side.

Full Steam Ahead
Jens Hetzer and Dr Jörg Weidenfeller, Arvos | Schmidt’sche Schack, Germany, highlight the importance of the steam system in ammonia plants and present a case study of a process gas cooler replacement.

Carry On Cycling
Daniel Sparr, BERTSCHenergy, Austria, explores the challenges ammonia plant operators face when adopting a ‘cycle-up’ strategy.

Welding Solutions
Michael Maier, ACE, Austria, looks at automated tube-to-tubesheet welding as a solution for waste heat boiler manufacturing.

Handling The Heat
Phillip E. Prueter, Equity Engineering Group, USA, comments on attempts in the ammonia production industry to tackle high temperature hydrogen attack.

A Mammoth Challenge
Jörn Baasner, SICK, Germany, recounts a recent project in which analysers and a self-cleaning in situ measuring probe were applied for reliable gas measurement in environments with wet dusts.

Safety Is Key
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, USA, discusses unsafe work practices around conveyor belts.

Forging A New Path
Laura Dean, Deputy Editor of World Fertilizer, details the development of a new ammonia plant in Kingisepp, Russia.

This month we bring you 15 facts from Europe.

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