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February 2017

The January/February issue of World Fertilizer includes a Regional Report reviewing the NPK fertilizer trends in India, as well as a Keynote on Global Gas Supply and a Special Report on the North American Big Build. Technical features cover Compressors, Sulfur-based Bio Fertilizers, Finishing, Granulation & Prilling, Recycled Materials, Reformer Technology, Tank Heating, Heat Exchangers, and Controlling Plant Emissions.

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World News

India’s Fertilizer Journey
K. Ravichandran, Ankit Deora and Aditya Jhavar, ICRA Ltd, India, review the supply and demand trends for nitrogenous and P&K fertilizers in India and where the industry is heading.

Cornucopia: The North American Big Build
A huge amount of new nitrogen fertilizer capacity is coming onstream in North America. Gordon Cope, World Fertilizer Correspondent, details the recent fertilizer renaissance and where this could lead.

A Natural Boost
Richard Ewing and Deepika Thapliyal, ICIS, UK, analyse natural gas as an increasingly powerful resource for fertilizer manufacturing.

Chemical Beneficiation
Laurent Palierne, EcoPhos, Belgium, details a number of new and sustainable processes that make use of low-grade phosphate rock.

The Alternative Route
Ravi Chandran and Dave Newport, ThermoChem Recovery International (TRI), USA, outline an alternate reforming technology for distributed ammonia production.

Reforming Reliability
Erwin Platvoet, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, USA, illustrates a comprehensive approach to optimising primary reforming furnace reliability.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Tanner Howell, BD Energy Systems, USA, compares conventional tunnel construction and design to the company’s improved tunnel design to achieve improved fluegas flow uniformity.

The Right Balance
John Brightling, Johnson Matthey, UK, and Bilal Tai, Johnson Matthey, Malaysia, illustrate the importance of balancing tube wall temperatures to improve overall energy efficiency, primary reformer methane slip and plant production, as well as ammonia plant operational safety and equipment reliability.

Staying On Track
G. Manenti, V. Pescuma and S. Sarti, Alfa Laval Olmi SpA, Italy, provide an overview of the delivery schedule for a key piece of heat transfer equipment, process gas boiler packages, to fertilizer plants.

Sulfur: Bringing The Heat
Chance Carrick, Koch Heat Transfer Co. LP, USA, discusses sulfur and considerations for heating.

Clearing The Air
Corey Smith and James Kelly Merritt, Jr, Grannus LLC, USA, detail the company’s latest emissions control technologies that are helping a California ammonia plant efficiently produce ammonia and meet air quality control standards.

The Need For Speed
Ali Rasha-Enders, Kobelco Machinery Europe, Germany, and Tsukasa Shiga, Kobelco Compressors America Inc., USA, detail the advantages of integrally geared centrifugal compressors.

Closing The Global Nutrient Loop
Ludwig Hermann, Outotec, Germany, touches upon the challenges and opportunities of marketing a new generation of fertilizers from recycled materials.

Waste Not, Want Not
Ing. Luigi Lisciandra, SBS Steel Belt Systems S.r.l., Italy, details the company’s development of sulfur-based bio-fertilizers.

Stepping Up Prilling And Granulation
Rinat Anderzhanov and Nikolay Shestakov, NIIK, Russia, outline recent developments the company has undertaken in fertilizer prilling and granulation.

15 Facts ...
This month we give you 15 facts on India!

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