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December 2019

The November/December issue of World Fertilizer covers a number of different topics, including Ammonia, Corrosion and Digitalisation.

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World News

Clear Skies Ahead
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, reports that although the fertilizer industry has been buffeted by a series of headwinds for the last year, there are signs of better weather in the forecast.

The Evolution Of Ammonia Production
Venkat Pattabathula, Incitec Pivot Ltd, Australia, looks at how ammonia production has changed over the past 100 years.

Time For Reform
Girish Patel, KBR, UK, explores the development of a technology designed to expand ammonia plant capacity in a single stream of 6000 tpd and achieve economics of scale in ammonia production.

Catch-All Solutions
Francesco Baratto, Casale, Switzerland, explores the development of processes designed for a range of ammonia plant capacities.

Giving The Green Light
Hans Vrijenhoef, Proton Ventures, the Netherlands, discusses a ‘green’ variant of ammonia and its potential impact on fertilizer production.

Next Level Regeneration
L. Tomasi, Giammarco-Vetrocoke, Italy, explores a method for reducing the energy requirements of existing low-heat CO2 removal systems in ammonia plants.

Perfect For The Job
Rinat Anderzhanov and Nikolay Shestakov, NIIK, Russia, discuss the production of ammonium nitrate-based products, which have a higher added value, no explosive properties, and improved consumer properties.

Phosphoric Acid Production In A Different Light
Hadrien Leruth, Prayon Technologies, Belgium, provides an overview of a new process for improved phosphoric acid production.

Keeping A Watchful Eye
Dr. Luke Balzan, Scantech, Australia, explores the use of elemental analysers in the phosphate industry.

Engineering A Long-Term Solution
Dr. Gary Dyson, Hydro, Inc., UK, reviews the risks posed by dormant issues in boiler feedwater pumps, and explains how they can be mitigated through forensic analysis.

Working Smarter, Not Harder
Todd Loudin, Flowrox, USA, identifies how the digitalisation of production equipment can help companies improve their bottom line.

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail
Robert Dudley, Quest Integrity, New Zealand, reveals how corrosion can be mitigated through the use of pressure equipment integrity management.

The Tank Industry Just Got Quicker
Gard Reian, Jotun, Norway, demonstrates how urea-resistant tank coatings can improve fertilizer production.

Steeling Against Corrosion
Reinhold Hoffmann, H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, reviews the distinct types of stainless steels and their wide range of applications.

A Solid Solution For Ammonia Gasification
Griffin Patterson, HarbisonWalker International, USA, explains the advantages of refractories using the chromia-alumina solid solution system to insulate high temperature gasification units in the production of ammonia for the fertilizer industry.

Taking On The Tiling Puzzle
David A. Short, Zeeco, UK, describes how an upgrade to the design of the traditional radiant wall burner tile used in process burners was achieved.

Saving Energy While Avoiding Caking
Igor Makarenko, Solex Thermal Science, Canada, examines how an indirect plate-type heat exchanger can be used in the final fertilizer cooling step in order to avoid caking.

Pick ‘n’ Mix
Thomas Lansdorf, EIRICH, Germany, explores the role of mixers in the production of fertilizer ingredients and solid fertilizers.

Bagging In Focus
Stefanie Reifbaeck, STATEC BINDER, Austria, discusses the implementation of fertilizer specific bagging facilities.

Digitising Design
Michael Smith, Hexagon PPM, USA, explains the importance of simulating fertilizer plant design to improve construction efficiency.

Simulating The Spreading Process
Mercè López, Miguel Ángel Celigueta, Guillermo Casas, Ferran Arrufat, Salva Latorre and Eugenio Oñate, CIMNE, Spain, explain how simulation software can help optimise the fertilizer spreading process.

This month we bring you 15 facts from Asia.

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