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August 2021

The July/August issue of World Fertilizer starts with a regional report that looks at the state of the fertilizer industry in various countries across the Middle East and North Africa. The remainder of the issue is dedicated to technical articles covering turbomachinery, digital solutions for fertilizer plants, dust control, HTHA and wastewater treatment.

This issue's front cover is brought to you by REXA, Inc.

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World News

Making A Mark In MENA
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses the state of the fertilizer industry in various MENA countries, the challenges faced by the region and current efforts to tap into existing resources.

Process Improvement At The Steam Valve
David C. Nelsen, REXA, Inc., USA, explains why plant engineers should upgrade steam turbine governor control valves to optimise control of turbomachinery.

Let’s Get Digital
Dr Katja Poschlad and Dietmar Wagner, thyssenkrupp Uhde, Germany, and Dr Stephan Körner and Dr Sophie Wei, thyssenkrupp Analytics & AI, Germany, explore the digital solutions available to fertilizer plants.

Tackling Dust Formation, Case-By-Case
Joan Riaza, Kao Chemicals Europe, Spain, shows that identifying the main reason for dust formation in each individual occurence is crucial to determining the best solution.

The Importance Of Housekeeping
Philip J. Parsons, BakerRisk, USA, identifies common hazards that can contribute to catastrophic dust fire and explosion events, and emphasises the importance of a robust dust hazard analysis strategy.

The Evolution Of HTHA Detection
Brian E. Shannon and Ronald T. Nisbet, HSI Group, Inc., USA, consider the work and conclusions of a Joint Industry Project established to improve HTHA detection methods.

Probing For HTHA
Daly Souissi, Olympus, Canada, explores a new strategy for HTHA inspection.

Optimising The Sustainability Of Wastewater Treatment
Alissa Pallagrosi, Andrea Carotti, David Lehmann and Joseph Lehmann, Saipem, look at the development of electrochemical technology designed to remove ammonia and urea contaminants from fertilizer plant process wastewater.

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