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April 2021

The April issue of World Fertilizer begins with a regional report that examines the opportunities and challenges currently facing Latin America’s fertilizer industry. The remainder of the issue is dedicated to a range of technical articles covering ammonia, blending and bagging, plant design, fertilizer cargo measurement and fertilizer storage. Our World Review of fertilizer projects in Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and CIS and the Americas rounds off the issue.

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World News

A Growing Market
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, demonstrates the opportunities and challenges the Latin American fertilizer industry is currently facing.

Ready To Perform
Marco Mazzamuto Carlucci, Casale, Switzerland, describes the testing methodology that was used to ensure a new ammonia synthesis catalyst was ready to be successfully introduced to the market.

Securing The Path To Decarbonisation
Rochman Goswami and Dr. Michael Goff, Black & Veatch, USA, consider the range of flexible options available to companies seeking to contribute to the decarbonisation of the ammonia industry.

A Strong, Healthy Barrel
Zico Zeeman, EMT, the Netherlands, explores how the fertilizer industry can follow the lessons of Liebig’s Barrel and achieve added value and reduction in handling through the use of blending and bagging lines.

It’s In The Bag
Stefanie Reifbäck, STATEC BINDER, Austria, explains how to ensure the longevity of a fully automatic bagging machine.

Material Progress In Sulfuric Acid Plant Design
Nelson Clark, Joanes Barros, Matheus Sanchez, Bruno Ferraro, Gabriel Murakami, Lucas Camargo and Paulo Portilho, Clark Solutions, Brazil, investigate how special alloys have been changing the way industrial sulfuric acid plants are built and operated.

Managing Critical Machines
Alexey Vostrukhov and Michael Hastings, Brüel & Kjær Vibro GmbH, Germany, explain how, faced with challenging maintenance issues, the Angarsk nitrogen fertilizer plant in Russia decided to adopt a technologically advanced machine condition monitoring strategy.

A More Exact Science
Pj Kwong and Teddy Katz, on behalf of SGS North America, describe the development of a device designed to obtain more accurate draft measurements of fertilizer cargo in vessels and prevent costly disputes.

Protecting The Salt Of The Earth
William Vangool, Triodetic, Canada, explains how fertilizer storage facilities can be designed in order to counter the corrosive properties of potash.

World Review
The World Review covers fertilizer projects either in progress or recently completed and is broken down by region: Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and CIS and the Americas. Contributions are provided by Bagtech, BERTSCHenergy, Clariant, Haldor Topsoe, OCP Group and Stamicarbon.

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