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April 2019

The April issue of World Fertilizer covers a variety of different topics, including sulfuric acid processing, mist elimination, bagging and blending, and fans. It also features a regional report on the South American fertilizer industry and a thorough overview of changing molten sulfur prices.

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World News

South America Under the Spotlight
Priyanka Khemka, Nexant, USA, examines the key trends in urea consumption and capacity development in South America.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Douglas E. Azwell, DuPont Clean Technologies, USA, discusses the importance of taking a detailed look at the inner workings of mist eliminators.

Risk Factor
Hubert Zey, Koch-Glitsch, US, asks what plants are really risking when they clean their mist eliminator.

Mist Elimination
Eduardo H. R. A. de Almeida, Vitor A. Sturm, Bruno B. Ferraro, and Nelson P. Clark, Clark Solutions, Brazil, discuss the use of mist eliminators during continuous spray washing for heavy fouling processes.

Follow the Money
Claira Lloyd, Argus Media, UK, provides an analysis of changing molten sulfur price influences.

Improving the Flow
Jeffrey Bolebruch, Blasch Precision Ceramics, USA, describes the installation experience with a new reformer flue gas tunnel system.

Going with the Flow
Andrés Orlando, Jenike & Johanson, Inc., discusses the most common flow-related problems encountered during the production of fertilizers.

The Cats Out the Bag
Gustaaf Zeeman, EMT, The Netherlands, discusses the growing use of inhibitors for blended fertilizers.

Sourcing Sulfur
Gary Siegel, Beltran Technologies Inc., USA, examines the effectiveness of modern wet electrostatic precipitator technology.

Put To the Test
Alexander Dyukov, Krastsvetmet, Russia, presents the results of testing new materials for primary nitrous oxide emission reduction in the catalytic ammonia oxidation process.

Analysing Antivibration Mounts
Dr John Irons, Halifax Fan UK, and Diane Wang, Halifax Fan China, analyse the use of anti-vibration mounts for industrial fans.

This month we bring you 15 facts from Latin America.

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