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Global Fertilizer Day launches on 13 October

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Global Fertilizer Day will launch for the first time on 13 October 2016 in London, where international agriculture professionals will come together to celebrate fertilizers and their essential role in sustaining the growing population.

Fertilizers have helped revolutionise the agricultural sector. Delivering nitrogen, phosphorous and potash – the vitamins of life for plants – they are vital for improving farmer’s yields. The widespread use of fertilizers has made more food accessible and available in every corner of the globe than ever before. Yet global food security remains a top international concern and with the global population estimated to increase up to 9.7 billion by 2060 (, 2015), encouragement of innovation in agriculture and education about farming techniques are crucial for the future of nutrition.

“Fertilizers are very interesting. A few billion people would have to die if we hadn’t have come up with fertilizer” – Bill Gates on CBS Tonight, 2013.

The Global Fertilizer Day cause is fundamental for the future of the world’s food supply. The day will launch for the first time in London, giving international agricultural professionals the opportunity to creatively discuss global food security and the sustainability of the future. The purpose of this day is to spread knowledge and awareness about one of farming’s most important ingredients and to highlight the need for continued agricultural research, innovation in agriculture, with the end goal of worldwide food sustainability at the core of the awareness campaign.

To help the campaign’s message make a impact. Agricultural professions are also encourage to join in by organising their own events and thus contributing to the widespread knowledge of this essential invention and bringing people together to discuss the future of food supply.

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