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Focusing on Fertilizer Dust Filtration

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Eduardo Sauto, Gorco, Spain, discusses the design and implementation of dust collection systems at fertilizer plants.

Focusing on Fertilizer Dust Filtration

Products that control the emissions of dust into the atmosphere are relatively complex due to the unique properties of dust. Fertilizers fall within this category, as products whose production processes and bulk handling have peculiarities.

Gorco, with a wide range of works and references made throughout its history, has a number of applications in fertilizers, including NPK, phosphate rock, or dicalcium phosphate.

Firstly, the applications are divided between process installations and nuisance installations. Process installations are those in which the filter is essential, so that the process can be carried out and without which it is not possible, such as a dryer or cooler. Nuisance installations are ones that prevent environmental contamination.

Normally the different types of fertilizers present properties for their handling and filtration that must be taken into account during the design of the de-dusting installation, because they are very peculiar materials with different behaviours.

If we start the design phase with the suction points, their location does not differ from the usual dust production points, loading guides of conveyors, elevators and screens however, due to the particularity of the behaviour of these materials, there are precautions that must be taken into consideration in the design of the conduits, such as:

Ducts with large inclinations to avoid deposits and sticking. This is common to all dust control applications but, with fertilizers, its importance increases. For reasons of implantation, it is not always possible and it is necessary to draw ducts without the desired …


Written by Eduardo Sauto, Gorco, Spain.


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