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Real-time moisture measurement

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NDC Technologies, a global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, has been delivering comprehensive, in-process moisture monitoring systems to the world’s foremost manufacturers.

Fertilizer producers benefit from accurate, stable and robust measurements, which, in turn, deliver significant process efficiencies and savings.

More energy is expended during drying than at almost any other stage in fertilizer processing. Inefficient control of the drying process results in wasted energy, higher production costs and out-of-spec products. NDC’s CM710e on-line Near Infrared (NIR) industrial moisture gauge helps fertilizer manufacturers to optimise their processes by providing real-time moisture measurements. This information is then used to control the process, monitor product quality and warn operators if the process is moving out of specification, thereby increasing yield and improving – as well as maintaining – product quality. The efficiency improvements can result in substantial cost reductions with a fast return on investment realised in a few months.

The CM710e gauge is supplied with a factory pre-calibration, which covers the required moisture range. The pre-calibrations are based on extensive applications engineering and require the minimum amount of adjustment to achieve agreement with the customer’s laboratory reference technique. The CM710e is available with a choice of protective housings and accessories designed to withstand a wide range of environmental process conditions in while providing the highest gauging performance.

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