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Casale wins award for new catalyst

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The new AMOMAX®-CASALE catalyst, developed by the cooperation between Casale and Clariant, has received the Sandmeyer award from the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS).

The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) represents chemists and scientists from chemistry related fields in national and international organisations, with about 2700 individual and institutional members representing more than 50 countries.

This award has been assigned just a few months after the ICIS’s 2020 ‘Best Sustainable Process’ award.

AmoMax-Casale, the new catalyst for a greener and less energy consuming process for industrial large scale ammonia synthesis, is an evolution of the wustite-based catalyst AmoMax 10. AmoMax-Casale, while retaining the same resistance to ageing, poisoning and mechanical strength of AmoMax 10 is significantly more active. This feature allows it to reduce the loop recycle rate and the loop pressure and/or to increase the ammonia production.

The higher activity of AmoMax-Casale contributes to improve the overall operating efficiency either by saving energy, or alternatively by increasing the production up to 5 – 6%, provided, in the latter case, that enough fresh make-up gas is sent to the synloop and production is limited by the make-up gas compressor.

Furthermore, the new catalyst significantly reduces CO2 emissions. In case the bottleneck is the air compressor, then the production increase can be obtained by slightly reducing the purge gas flow rate whilst keeping the same make up flow increase can be obtained by slightly reducing the purge gas flow rate whilst keeping the same make up flow.

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