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Bungartz to showcase pumps at Hanover Trade Fair

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Bungartz will offer pump demonstrations at the Hanover Trade Fair, including showcasing the special features of the V-AN pump range. These centrifugal pumps work without any suction capacity. They adapt automatically to variable feed rates – without any mechanical or electrical set-up.

All pumps in the range are dry-running and intrinsically safe, self-ventilating and have a low NPSH value. They are suitable for use with fluctuating feed rates, media at boiling point? or gaseous media.

The centrifugal pump MPCV-AN, which is shown at the booth, also works without suction capacity. The vertical pump works with a magnetic drive. It is permanently dry-running – without bearings in the pumping liquid. The grease-lubricated roller bearings are protected against the product vapors by a gas barrier consisting of a frictionless throttle bushing. A service life of the roller bearings of more than 5 years in continuous operation are the standard. The shaft gap sealing concept consists of several components:

  1. The fully hydrodynamic relief of the pumping pressure on the bearing and sealing unit is achieved by the use of back vanes and a gas barrier, which prevents the penetration of product vapors into the bearing unit.
  2. The eddy current-free magnetic drive that hermetically seals the pump against its surrounding environment. Due to the vertical orientation of the pump, the bearing and sealing unit runs entirely without product contact, even in the event of a sealing gas failure.

The application spectrum extends from pumping toxic waste water, through hazardous or outgassing liquids, to solid-containing, sludgy, crystallising or corrosive media. Even high volumes of solids and gases are permitted. Like all pumps in the V-AN range, the MPCV-AN works with the unique control characteristics, i.e. the pumps adapt automatically to variable feed rates – without any mechanical or electrical regulation equipment. And as with all pumps of the V-AN range, considerable cost advantages can be achieved through the correct pump selection. Through early planning, there is no need for the construction of pits, scaffolding or containers, while regulator valves, signals, etc. can be dispensed with completely.

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