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MECS to present MAX3

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DuPont Clean Technologies is to present three papers at the 4th International Symposium on Innovation in the Phosphate Industry (SYMPHOS). One paprt, by Matthew Viergutz, Vice President, details the development of a highly innovative simplified sulfuric acid plant flow scheme called MAX3. The system derives its name from the fact that it is designed to maximise value for capital expenditure, operating expenditure and emissions.

“For years, the sulfuric acid industry has had to compromise when trying to balance productivity and profitability,” Mr Viergutz explains. “Producers were forced to make choices, selecting one benefit at the cost of a negative consequence, be it financial or environmental. The need to find a solution has heavily influenced research and development work at MECS in the last six to eight years. The result was MAX3, a novel approach that eliminates or at least reduces high consumers of time, water, and money while simultaneously recovering more energy – all at best-in-class emission levels.”

MAX3 achieves this balancing act by combining a SteaMaxTM with MECS’ SolvR® regenerative SO2 scrubbing technology. This configuration eliminates equipment, cuts costs and increases efficiency. In his presentation, Mr Viergutz will explain how the combination of technologies works to achieve close to zero SO2 emissions while increasing operating flexibility and improving capital and operational expenditure. MAX3 can economically remove SO2 from gases with concentrations as low as 300 ppmv and as high as 50 vol% down to a threshold below 30 ppmv. With the addition of regenerative steam, those emissions can even be cut to below 10 ppm.

Mr Viergutz’s presentation will trace MECS’ research and development journey from lab concept to proven technology and include details on the new system’s sulfuric acid plant flow scheme. Two other presentations by MECS will provide information on the latest developments in the DuPont MECS® sulfuric acid catalyst and examine the MECS® SolvR® regenerative SO2 recovery technology.

“Symphos is an ideal forum for MECS, as the world leader in sulphuric acid technologies, to share information on the latest technology developments with industry experts and market leaders,” Viergutz concluded. “This key event for the phosphate industry presents technology providers and sulfuric acid producers with a valuable platform to exchange ideas and discuss the issues the industry is facing. With 80 years of experience in the sulfuric acid technology, MECS is always keen to discuss current challenges with members of the community and share its know-how at such events.”

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