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Dorogobuzh spends more on the environment

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Dorogobuzh’s environmental efforts are focused on measures to protect atmospheric air and treat waste.

Dorogobuzh recorded a 50% increase in spending on almost 100 environmental protection measures in 2015. The company intends to spend over RUB 50 million on environmental activities in 2016.

Dorogobuzh’s environmental efforts are focused on protecting atmospheric air and treat waste.

Major environmental improvements at Dorogobuzh in 2015 comprised construction of a discharge pipe, repairs to the polished effluents tank, comprehensive analysis of hydrotechnical facilities, repairs to the dam at Lastochka summer recreation camp, replacement of pumps at the residential and operations wastewater pump plant, development of a project to install gas analysers to control NO, NO2, CO and O2, replacement of catalysts and activated alumina in the catalytic refining reactor at the weak nitric acid shop, an increase in the size of the second stage dam at the calcium carbonate temporary storage with installation of an unloading platform, and reclamation of the plot under the calcium carbonate warehouse.

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