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ProSim and Johnson Matthey partner to enhance nitric acid industry

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ProSim collaborates with Johnson Matthey Plc to allow nitric acid manufacturers to further enhance the performance of their plants.

As a result of this partnership, Johnson Matthey will actively market and support the sales of ProSimPlus HNO3 software, while Johnson Matthey will be ProSim's exclusive catalyst supplier customer within the nitric acid industry. Both companies will collaborate in flowsheeting simulation work by applying their know-how and expertise in the nitric acid industry as a service for customers, aiming to resolve issues and optimise plant operations. Further joint developments in the catalyst modelling aspect of the simulation will also benefit operating firms and engineering companies.

This collaboration will leverage the strong market positions of Johnson Matthey and ProSim in their separate fields within the nitric acid industry – Johnson Matthey as a catalyst and full service supplier for nitric acid manufacturing, and ProSim as a simulation software house.

"Combining the strength and reputation of both companies has the potential to create a partnership worth more than sum of its parts", said Alexandra French, Global Commercial Director at Johnson Matthey Noble Metals.

ProSimPlus HNO3 allows the easy modelling of complex physical and chemical phenomena involved in the nitric acid production process. The complexity of these phenomena (gas reactions in nearly all pieces of equipment and complex modelling of thermodynamic properties) and the specificity of the equipment used in these units (cooler/condenser, burner and absorption column) make the simulation of these processes nearly impossible with a general-purpose simulation software. ProSimPlus HNO3 was designed specifically for industrial producers of nitric acid or those using nitric acid or absorption of nitrous vapours in their processes. It brings reliable responses during plant design or exploitation phases and enables the user to deepen their knowledge of the processes and of the physical phenomenon involved. Bringing together the experience both companies have in the field will benefit all areas of the nitric acid industry and bring them a high level of expertise.

"Exposure to Johnson Matthey's knowledge base as well as being associated with their highly regarded technical brand in this field is a promising opportunity for ProSim" said Stéphane Déchelotte, President of ProSim.

According to ProSim, several years of intensive use of ProSimPlus HNO3 software by Johnson Matthey’s engineering team and a mutual recognition as a best in class brand in the nitric acid industry has made signing this partnership possible.

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