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September 2021

The September issue of World Fertilizer begins with a report from CRU on Asia’s fertilizer market. In our cover story, Kreber demonstrates how particle engineering can be used to improve nitrogen use efficiency, while Johnson Matthey explores the technologies that have been jointly developed with KBR to enable ammonia and methanol co-production. The issue also focuses on plant safety, with contributions from Reuter-Stokes, Bluefield Process Safety and Grandperspective GmbH.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Kreber.

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World News

Coming Up To The Boil
Chris Lawson, CRU, UK, examines an Asian fertilizer market going haywire on sharp price increases.

Particle Engineering That Profits The Planet
Toon Nieboer, Kreber, the Netherlands, demonstrates how particle engineering can be employed to improve nitrogen use efficiency and help counter the negative environmental effects of nitrogen fertilizer use.

Strength In Uniformity
Christina M. Konecki, Arkema-ArrMaz, USA, examines the additives that can be deployed by producers to maintain uniform granule integrity across the fertilizer supply chain.

Vibration Control In Prilling
Gabriele Marcon, Casale, Switzerland, charts the development of a new vibrating prilling bucket for urea producers.

Steel Goes Sustainable
Anna Bashuk, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, considers how the recycling of precious alloys at urea plants is helping the European fertilizer and steelmaking industries contribute together to the EU’s target of climate neutrality by 2050.

An Industry Co-Production
Julie Ashcroft, Johnson Matthey, UK, explores the technologies that have been jointly developed to enable ammonia and methanol co-production as well as retrofits of ammonia plants.

Re-thinking Ammonia Oxidation
Brad Cook and Juergen Neumann, Sabin Metal Corp., USA, demonstrate the benefits of taking a holistic approach when considering the gauze catalyst for ammonia oxidation.

Improving Precious Metal Collection
Chris Brown, K.A. Rasmussen, Norway, David Horbury, URSG, Europe, and Michael Schriner, URSG, USA, examine the available methods for precious metal recovery and recycling in nitric acid plants.

A Welcome Adaptation
Gordon Woolf and Jose R. Ferrer, Tecnicas Reunidas Group, Spain, considers how the design of heat exchangers for use in nitric acid units can be adapted to realise energy savings.

Energy-Efficient Sulfuric Acid Cooling
Nelson Clark, Breno Avancini and Vitor Sturm, Clark Solutions, Brazil, examine a new technology designed to safely cool strong sulfuric acid and reduce heat loss.

An Unfinished Chapter
Philip A. Henry, E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., USA, examines ongoing efforts to update and improve the current industry codes and standards on pressure relief valve instability.

Relying On Rugged Flame Detection
Mike Spalding, Reuter-Stokes, USA, outlines the importance of flame detectors in the fertilizer industry.

Beyond The Fence Line
Mike Schmidt, Bluefield Process Safety, USA, argues that the industry is responsible for process safety even after chemical products leave the plant, and shares some ideas on how to meet that responsibility.

Fingerprinting Ammonia Leaks
René Braun, Grandperspective GmbH, Germany, demonstrates how the use of infrared imaging to give early warning of dangerous gas leaks can improve plant safety in ammonia complexes.

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