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September 2016

The September issue of World Fertilizer includes a regional report detailing what the future may hold for North American nitrogen fertilizer, as well as Special Reports on Global Nitrogen Fertilizer and Global Phosphate outlooks.

Technical features cover Ammonia Technology, Asset Integrity Management, Granulation, Mist Eliminators, Process Analysers, Turbomachinery and Handling.

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World News

Fertile Ground For Expansion
Nitrogen fertilizer production is experiencing a renaissance in North America. Gordon Cope, World Fertilizer North America Correspondent, examines what the future may hold.

Weathering A Fertilizer Storm
Laura Cross, Integer Research, UK, illustrates the mixed fortunes of cyclical weakness in the nitrogen market: producer competitiveness and investment activity.

Synthesising Savings
Andreas Magnusson, Johnson Matthey, Sweden, and John Pach, Kate McFarlane and Darren Ward, Johnson Matthey, UK, explain how the manufacture of UFC-85 can aid the production of urea.

Excelling Into The Future
Henrik W. Rasmussen, Haldor Topsoe Inc., USA, details recent advancements in ammonia synthesis catalysts, heat exchange reformers and furnace management.

Then And Now
Bob Watson and Mark McGahey, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, outline how the design and development of ammonia fertilizer plants has changed since the last big North American build.

Unsteady Waters For Phosphates
Phosphate markets are expected to come under pressure as new capacity starts up, supply begins to catch up with demand and prices weaken. Juan von Gernet and Chris Lawson, CRU Group, UK, report.

A New Look
Doug Azwell, MECS Inc., USA, and Bob McKinney, El Dorado Chemical, USA, explain the updates conducted at El Dorado Chemical’s ammonium nitrate production plant that brought it in line with the latest EPA PM2.5 emission regulations.

A Little TLC
Charles Thomas, Quest Integrity, New Zealand, explains how modern assessment technologies reveal the importance of maintaining aging steam reformers.

Integrally Geared
Dr Christoph Jakiel and Christian Wacker, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Germany, outline the importance of tailor-made turbomachinery for cost-effective production, based on the example of integrally geared CO2 compressors.

Taming The Jungle
Enrico Mangialardo, GE Oil & Gas, Italy, details a recent refurbishment of a urea plant to help develop agricultural independence in Mexico.

Increasing Efficiency
Max Shirazi, Gerry Vannuffelen and Jeremy Martin, Energy Recovery, USA, detail the application of the company’s turbocharger system in an amine loop for acid gas removal in gas processing.

A Breath Of Fresh Air
Gary Hilberg, Everest Sciences, USA, illustrates the significance of debottlenecking the air compressor in ammonia and nitric acid production.

Picture Perfect
Paul Cannon, Microtrac, USA, details the use of online dynamic image analysis in optimising NPK production.

On Target
Dr Michael Kamphus, Emerson, Germany, and Dr Ruth Lindley, Emerson, UK, explain the importance of process gas analysis for improving safety, managing emissions and meeting urea production targets.

Steps To Successful Fertilizer Handling
Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, outlines five considerations to use when planning for fertilizer handling that consequently enable long-term results.

A Precise Approach
Charles Formisani, A.J. Sackett, USA, explains the crucial manufacturing techniques needed to produce effective fertilizer blends.

Plan Ahead For Dust Control
William Cook, ArrMaz, USA, shares insights into the effective design and planning of dust control systems at fertilizer handling and storage facilities.

Evolving Granulation
Pascal Hervieu, Euragglo SAS, France, presents dry granulation of NPK fertilizers using compaction processes in comparison to other granulation processes and outlines recent developments in this area.

The Future Of Sustainability in Fertilizers
Nick Reckinger and Carrie Carlson, FEECO International, USA, illustrate the environmental and economic advantages of biosolid and manure granulation for the fertilizer industry.

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