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May 2022

The May/June issue of World Fertilizer begins with a Guest Comment from Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe, considering the impact that Europe’s ‘decoupling’ from Russia could have on the domestic fertilizer industry. This issue’s Regional Report from Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, follows a similar theme, with the article examining the potential effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on Europe’s fertilizer sector. The issue also contains a variety of interesting articles covering topics such as heat technology, granulation, prilling and compaction, and vibrating screens.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Stamicarbon.

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Guest Comment

World News

War And Potash
Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, explores how the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could impact the fertilizer sector in Europe.

Towards The Next Milestone
Mieke Beaujean, Stamicarbon, The Netherlands, reflects upon the innovations and developments over the years that have helped shape the fertilizer industry.

A History Of Hemihydrate In Phosphoric Acid Processes
Hadrien Leruth, Prayon Technologies, Belgium, offers an overview of processes dealing with hemihydrate calcium sulfate.

Free Flowing Liquid Distribution
Axel Schulze, HUGO PETERSEN, Germany, examines the design features, materials and building methods of systems used in drying and absorption towers.

Taking Care Of Transfer
Peter Drögemu¨ller and Martin J. Gough, CALGAVIN, UK, consider how the performance of existing heat exchangers for fertilizer production can be improved using transfer enhancement technologies.

Steps To Screening Success
Charles Sonnenschein, George Hicks and Alex Edwards, J&H Equipment Inc., USA, examine the benefits of high-frequency incline screening machines for today’s granular fertilizer production facilities.

Pipelines: A Lifeline To The Fertilizer Industry
T.G. Krishnan, Global Conveyor Systems Pvt Ltd., India, explains the crucial role pipelines perform in fertilizer plants.

Production Done Safely
Greg Bierie, Benetech, USA, examines new dust and spillage control technologies for use in fertilizer bulk material handling.

It’s Hip To Be Round
Pascal Hervieu, Thierry Dartois and Nina Ribals, Euragglo, France, consider how a rounder granule shape can be achieved using a compaction-granulation machine, and examine how this can help improve the range of fertilizer spreading.

The Attraction To Compaction
Jose Roberto Malaman, Metso Outotec, Brazil, discusses how compaction is gaining ground as a fertilizer production process for materials that are difficult to granulate.

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