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February 2022

The January/February issue of World Fertilizer begins with an analysis of the phosphates market from ICIS. The rest of the issue is dedicated to articles on phosphate processing, urea production, bulk handling, dust control and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Chanhen.

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World News

A Producer’s Market
Sylvia Traganida, ICIS, UK, surveys the phosphates market at a time of supply constraints and high raw material prices.

Off The Shelf: A Risky Business
James Byrd, JESA Technologies, USA, considers shelf design fallacies in phosphoric acid production and advocates taking a coherent design approach.

A Higher Grade Of Feedrock
Jennifer Demeyere, Gauthier Humblet and Nicolas Van Lierde, Prayon Technologies, Belgium, provide insight into recovering phosphate from low-grade deposits for use as feed to phosphoric acid plants.

Going Green
Filip Smeets, Nel Hydrogen, explores how renewable hydrogen electrolysis production can reduce costs and boost capacities.

A Roadmap To Sustainable Urea Production
Matteo Fumagalli, Filippo Iocchi and Francesco Baratto, Casale, Switzerland, examine the role urea can play in a decarbonised economy.

Upshifting Urea Production
Kazuki Kamikubo, Toyo Engineering Corp., Japan, considers urea process technologies designed to deliver energy savings and solutions for the various needs of plant owners.

All-Round Ammonia
Marco Dellavedova, Eurotecnica Contractors and Engineers S.p.A., Italy, explains the multiple key roles ammonia performs in melamine synthesis.

Standing The Test Of Time
Mads Feddersen, Haldor Topsoe, Denmark, explains how the optimisation of a time-tested catalyst can lead to improved conversion and efficiency when synthesising ammonia.

Smartening Up Bulk Handling
Zico Zeeman, EMT, the Netherlands, explores the move towards more automated methods of bulk handling in the fertilizer industry.

An Elemental Task
Sarah Hammond, MoistTech Corp., USA, discusses the benefits of implementing a proper moisture control system.

A Dusty Endeavour
Austin Anderson, Vortex Global, USA, considers the challenges of dust control and how to handle corrosive ingredients during fertilizer production.

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