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December 2020

The November/December issue of World Fertilizer includes a report on the global fertilizer sector and covers a number of different topics, including Phosphates, Water Treatment, and Compressors.

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World News

A World Of Opportunity
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, reviews the current state of the global fertilizer sector amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In A Future Producer’s Shoes
Marc Sonveaux and Hadrien Leruth, Prayon SA, Belgium, outline how to choose the relevant process for phosphate projects.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Jonathan Keßler, Tountzer Ramadan, and Dr Vito Huhn, RHEWUM GmbH, Germany, analyse how to maximise quality and improve efficiency with modern screening technologies.

Solving Moisture Absorbtion Challenges
Lucas R. Moore and Juan A. González-León, Arkema-ArrMaz, examine solutions to reduce the tendency of fertilizer substrates to deliquesce or absorb moisture.

The Emerald Option
Dr Robert Eden, Organics, UK, examines the potential profits and global greenhouse gas reductions to be gained from wastewater-recovered, or ‘emerald’, ammonia.

Heat Exchange Reforming Technology
Søren Gyde Thomsen, Haldor Topsoe, Denmark, and Francesco Curcio, Paolo Cicala, Manuela Giustiniani, and Simone Di Leo, TechnipFMC, Italy, compare different experiences implementing heat exchange reformer technology in ammonia production plants.

Condensing Costs
Bill Kubik, Graham Corp., USA, shows how steam turbine operating costs depend on surface condenser performance, and why condenser operations have a direct effect on plant utility costs.

Holding Back The Surge
Alex Biggs and Wayne Jacobson, Compressor Controls Corp., USA, consider the issues operators need to be aware of when using CO2 compressors in urea plants.

Controlling Conveyor Dust
Thorsten Kith, ScrapeTec, Germany, offers solutions for conveyor belt systems in the fertilizer industry.

Winter Wait Is Over
Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, explains how dome construction makes it possible for fertilizer projects to remain underway regardless of the weather.

Fabricating A Better Storage Solution
Paul Smith, Legacy Building Solutions, USA, outlines how fabric buildings provide a strong solution for fertilizer distribution applications.

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