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April 2020

The April issue of World Fertilizer includes a regional report on Latin America, as well as a number of other features, including Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid Processing, Mist Elimination, Fans, and Bagging and Blending Technology. In response to the current COVID-19 crisis we have made the digital sharing of the issue much easier, so please feel free to pass this link on to all your colleagues who are also stuck at home! We hope you are all well and enjoy our latest issue.

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World News

Ready For Takeoff?
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, finds that Latin America’s agricultural sector has tremendous potential.

Scaling Up Saudi Sulfur
AK Tyagi, Nuberg EPC, India, looks at the production of sulfur and provides a case study on a plant installation in Saudi Arabia.

Molten Is A Must
Brandon Forbes, Ametek, USA, discusses the unique properties of sulfur and best practices for sulfur thermal maintenance in piping and storage.

Technology For Clean Sulfuric Acid
Gary Siegel, Beltran Technologies, USA, reveals the versatility of wet electrostatic precipitators in protecting plant components.

Easy To Mist
Graeme Cousland, Begg Cousland Envirotec, UK, explores the main factors that can diminish the performance of mist eliminators if operators do not practice regular monitoring.

More Than Meets The Eye
Eduardo Almeida, Victor Machida, Vitor Sturm and Bruno Ferraro, Clark Solutions, Brazil, reveal why the mist eliminator is not the only potential source of carryover issues.

Investigating Fan Vibration Issues
Dr John Irons, James Swinton and Jessie Jia, Halifax Fan, review the issue of fan vibration and the solutions available to fertilizer plants.

Staying Fit For Service
Joel L. Andreani, Equity Engineering Group, USA, investigates the use of fitness-for-service methodologies in the lifecycle management of equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing industry.

The Elephant In The Room
Brett Binnekade, Bagtech, South Africa, explains how the fertilizer production industry can take advantage of the latest developments in digital technology, and prevent the deluge of plant data becoming a white elephant.

Blend And Send
Gustaaf Zeeman, EMT, the Netherlands, offers an overview of the various blending and bagging options available to fertilizer plant operators.

This month we bring you 15 facts from Latin America.

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