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June 2017

The Summer issue of Dry Bulk includes Regional Reports on Australia and a Round-Up of UK Ports and Terminals, as well as a Commodity Report on Minor Bulks. Technical features cover Dust Control, Bucket Elevators, Shiploading & Unloading, Cranes & Grabs, Port Automation & IT and Vibrating, Screening & Sizing.

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World News

UK Ports & Terminals Review

Industry View: Don’t Let New Bunker Regulations Leave You High And Dry
Alan Sharma, Inatech, UK.

Breaking Apart The UK-EU Wheat Relationship
Gro Intelligence, USA, detail the implications of what could lie ahead for the UK’s wheat producers following the country’s decision to Brexit.

Australia: An Abundance Of Supply
Jeffrey Landsberg, Managing Director, Commodore Research & Consultancy, USA, outlines Australia’s abundance of dry bulk commodities and its strategic position in the dry bulk shipping and commodity markets.

The Major Role Of Minor Bulks
Vasiliy Kotylevskiy,, UK, highlights key minor bulks that are having a noticeable impact on the overall performance of the dry bulk market.

The Secret To Sustainable Shiploading
Pietro de Michieli, Bedeschi Spa, Italy, describes how eco friendly bulk handling equipment is reducing emissions in shiploading operations.

Getting A Handle On Biomass
PEI Jürgen Bialek, PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies, Germany, discusses the company’s latest developments in cranes and grabs to accommodate the growing biomass industry.

Bucket Elevators: Rise To The Occasion
SMB International, Germany, explain the differences between different types of bucket elevators and in which circumstances they should be applied.

Sky’s No Limit For Sieving Technology
Darren Ralphs, Russell Finex Ltd, UK, introduces a variety of innovative separation and screening technologies for dry bulk handling.

Clearing The Air
Laura Stiverson, Dust Control Technology, USA, questions the future of silica dust control and outlines the best methods to minimise risk.

Under Control
Brian Thirlwall, Cleveland Cascades Ltd, UK, introduces a dust controlled loading chute that is helping coal loading operations.

The Moor The Merrier
Mike Howie, MoorMaster, UK, describes how a new automated mooring system has reduced vessel mooring time.

Bringing TOS Into View
David Trueman TBA Doncaster, UK, provides an overview of the benefits of effective terminal operating systems (TOS) for bulk operators.

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