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NewHydrogen, Inc. CEO discusses the potential of green hydrogen with economist Dr. Gordon Rausser

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NewHydrogen, Inc, the developer of ThermoLoop™, a technology that uses water and heat rather than electricity to produce more affordable green hydrogen, has announced that the company’s CEO Steve Hill recently hosted a conversation on the future of green hydrogen with economist Dr. Gordon Rausser, shedding light on pivotal areas of growth, policy, and innovation in the clean energy sector. The podcast delved into key insights regarding global investments, technological advancements, and the critical role of policy in shaping the green hydrogen landscape.

As the race intensifies to power the future with sustainable energy, the discussion highlighted the surge in global investments in green hydrogen, reaching nearly US$12 trillion by 2050. Dr. Rausser, an American economist known for his contributions to environmental economics and sustainable development, emphasised the significance of technological breakthroughs in driving down production costs to make green hydrogen competitive with fossil fuels.

Dr. Rausser said, “I would like to underscore the importance of creating the right policy landscape and incentives to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen, and its potential to mitigate the adverse impacts of fossil fuel usage on climate change.” While acknowledging existing challenges in cost competitiveness, he expressed optimism about the growing demand for green hydrogen once production costs align with market expectations.

Dr. Rausser also emphasised the role of research and development (R&D) in overcoming cost barriers and fostering innovation in the green hydrogen sector, advocating for coordinated efforts between public and private stakeholders to enhance R&D initiatives, citing the need for consortiums to maximise synergies and address coordination failures effectively.

The conversation delved into the transformative potential of green hydrogen in diverse sectors, including agriculture, energy production, and space exploration. Dr. Rausser highlighted the opportunities presented by green ammonia as a hydrogen derivative in fertilizer production, emphasising the need to drive down costs to unlock its full potential.

Addressing geopolitical and economic implications, Dr. Rausser said, “Regional hydrogen production is essential in enhancing energy security and promoting economic resilience, particularly in regions vulnerable to supply disruptions.”

In closing, Dr. Rausser expressed confidence in the inevitable transition towards a hydrogen-powered future, stressing the importance of collaborative efforts and innovative solutions to expedite the process. He invited listeners to explore his forthcoming book, ‘The Curation of Smart Governments,’ which offers insights into effective governance and policy frameworks for sustainable development.

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