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Stami Digital: Optimising the future of plant operations with digital insights

ON DEMAND - This webinar covers the Stami-Digital Operator Training Simulator, the Stami-Digital Process Monitor and the Stami-Digital Optimizer.

The use of first principles models to support process operations have been practiced in the chemical and petrochemical industry for over 40 years, but their use in urea plants has been limited. Urea plant models, however, can encapsulate a large amount of process knowledge and companies have started to realise the significant value of using these models in offline and online model-based applications. Such applications include real-time optimisation, predictive control, data reconciliation, virtual (soft) sensors, process performance monitoring, and total plant monitoring systems, to name a few.

Stamicarbon, the innovation and licensing company of Maire Tecnimont Group, is committed to a sustainable fertilizer industry, by investing amongst others in innovative digital solutions that turn real-time plant data into meaningful information by using Stamicarbon’s know-how to enhance insights and control and drive continuous optimisation.


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