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Optimising ammonia plants with Process Digital Twins

ON DEMAND - A Process Digital Twin is the enabler for digital transformation across all business functions, providing process insights and prescriptive actions to maximise operational profit. This webinar focuses on three important ways in which a Process Digital Twin generates value for ammonia plant operators.

These are:

  • Firstly, Operations Performance Monitoring which provides an in-depth assessment of the performance of assets to determine the true here-and-now operation of the assets and the overall plant.
  • Secondly, once an accurate picture of plant operation has been established, Process and Control Target Optimisation maximises the economic performance of the plant.
  • And thirdly, the Process Digital Twin provides context for current plant and asset data to augment and extend Asset Management systems.

These functions are enabled by a rigorous on-line Process Digital Twin that is automatically tuned to plant operation, and taken together generate millions of dollars of benefits by increasing production, reducing utility consumption, improving reliability and optimising maintenance schedules.

The single representation of the process unit provided by the Process Digital Twin eliminates barriers and promotes transparency amongst different stakeholders, which in turn improves operations and ultimately drives increased profitability.


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