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Mosaic announces global sustainability targets

The targets include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% per tonne of product, reducing freshwater use by 20% per tonne of product and implementing 4R Nutrient Stewardship on 25 million acres, all by 2025.


Acron incurs net loss in 1Q20

The company's net loss in 1Q20 was US$153 million, compared to a profit of US$133 million in 1Q19.


Incitec Pivot releases financial results

The company's Fertilisers Asia Pacific segment recorded an EBIT loss of of AUS$9.9 million, an improvement from a loss of AUS$32.5 million in HY19.


Prayon acquires parts of Ecophos assets

Prayon has acquired the intellectual property, including patents portfolio and process know-how, of Ecophos s.a., which filed for bankruptcy earlier in March.


Yara reports 1Q20 results

1Q20 EBITDA excluding special items was US$504 million, up from US$464 million a year earlier.