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The environment


Hawk Energy brings bio technology to Middle East

Hawk Energy has partnered with Airponix, which will harvest its first large crop of potatoes grown without soil, in a promising sign for a technology that claims it can deliver high vegetable yields with minimal costs and environmental degradation.


Barge company fined for spilling fertilizer

The Washington State Department of Ecology has announced that Tidewater Barge Lines Inc. has been fined for spilling fertilizer into the Snake and Columbia rivers.


15 Chinese provinces implement no-development areas

According to Reuters, the Chinese government has approved plans by 15 different provinces and regions to draw up ‘red lines’ that will prevent economic development in large areas of land.


Siwertell secures fertilizer unloader order

Siwertell has announced that it has secured a contract for an ST 490-M ship unloader from leading Norwegian mineral fertilizer producer, Yara International.